Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules (120ct)

Neurogan’s Organic Cordyceps (120ct) are ready to help you get moving! As an adaptogen, it’s skilled at helping enhance exercise tolerance while supporting normal cardiovascular function and inflammatory response. Not to mention, this antioxidant-rich mushroom offers anti-aging benefits and supports normal blood pressure, too!
Take two capsules once a day.
  • Enhancing exercise tolerance
  • Supporting normal cardiovascular function
  • Helping to maintain a normal inflammatory response
  • Supporting normal blood pressure
  • Antioxidant protection

Neurogan is a family-owned, top online seller of CBD & Superfoods that showcase our Scandinavian values of unrivaled quality, honesty, & hygge. Through these guiding principles we create products that help our customers to find health and wellness, as we share our Danish tradition of 'hygge' - helping people around the world experience simple joy & bliss every day.  We are confident you will love our products and offer a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial.  

100% Gluten Free
Cruelty Free
USDA Certified Organic
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