In 2014, our family discovered the infinite potential of the hemp plant and chose to begin growing a CBD-dominant strain of industrial hemp on our family farm in Denmark. Building upon a long-standing agricultural history, we felt that this rich land and robust process from our Danish roots would yield the highest quality of hemp currently available. Next, we devoted an entire year to researching and improving our techniques. Once we had achieved the high quality standards we set for ourselves, Neurogan was born.

Our journey began by crafting the highest quality organic CBD oil and capsules on the planet. After releasing these products, we expanded our vision to create products that catered to the many needs and unique tastes of our customers.

Each of our products have been designed from the ground up with ultimate wellness in mind. Our goal was to ensure complete control of the entire process – from seed to shelf.

After witnessing the incredible results our products had when used by humans, we knew that the power derived from our hemp would benefit our four-legged family members as well.

We have two German Shepherd rescue dogs, Panda and Balou. Panda suffered from joint pain which led to immobility, and Balou was constantly nervous. Administering daily doses of CBD has completely improved Panda’s mobility and restored her playful quality of life. Balou on the other hand, has calmed down, allowing him to interact better with friends and family alike. The love and care we give to these two amazing animals has been instilled in our entire line of Neurogan pet products.

We’ve taken exceptional care in crafting these products for our own family, and hope that you will feel this same love and devotion when we send them to yours.


Jan Brandrup / Owner & Founder



Neurogan’s CBD products are all naturally produced. We control the whole process from seed to shelf.



We have 100% control of the whole manufacturing process and we believe in transparency and back up our claims with facts not hype.



Hemp Oil CBD is being used as a superfood everyday by people all over the world. Our oil is 100% natural and derived from a unique strain of industrial hemp.

What is Cannabidiol(CBD)?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a prominent, naturally-occurring, non-psychotropic compound found in hemp.

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Legal?

Hemp is legal under the United States Agricultural Act (“Farm Bill”) of 2014, Section 7606, provided that the plant has less than 0.3% THC.

You can legally purchase industrial hemp products domestically and no prescription is required to obtain CBD products.

The legal landscape continues to mature in regards to hemp derived products, be sure to stay informed at the state level.


How it's made

We start with organically grown CBD dominant hemp plant sourced from Denmark that has no pesticides, heavy metals or chemicals. It is sun dried and cured. Our patented processes do not require any solvents or heat, thus ensuring the full spectrum of cannabinoids to preserve and maintain the purity of the compound. Consistently producing a safe, clean and potent high-quality product.


What it contains

This is an all-natural plant based line of full spectrum hemp that is artfully crafted to bring you relief. Derived from hemp with no additives, just natural goodness so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

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