Family Owned. Artisan Batched

We’re a family owned company passionate about cultivating the best quality CBD on the market. Enjoy our outdoor grown, high potency CBD goods, each one artisan batched by our team for your mind, body, and spirit.

Our Commitment To The Environment

We don't cut corners in producing our premium hemp products, regardless of time, cost, or effort.

We believe that taking more proactive measures for sustainable manufacturing practices makes Neurogan even stronger, which is why we've adopted practices that minimize our waste in production, like cutting down on paper use in our offices and operations, using recycled packaging materials, and eliminating the use of artificial dyes.

A Scandinavian Tradition

Family Owned

Our Danish-Born co-founder, Jan Brandrup, grew up watching his Grandmother drink hemp tea each morning. In these hygge moments, he felt inspired to provide the magic of hemp to many.

Today, Jan, Nicklas, and Alexander Brandrup cultivate nutrient rich hemp, a Scandinavian tradition first beginning in the Viking era over 1,000 years ago.

Our headquarters are in San Diego, CA, but our team is located across the world; from the USA to Denmark, Macedonia, Mexico, and Sweden too.

Priorities Aligned

Enviroment First

One of the reasons we have an artisanal process is that we don't make more products that aren't in demand. Not only does this mean that we don't have old products sitting on warehouse shelves that can go bad, but it reduces waste and ensures our customers receive fresh, hand-crafted premium hemp products. It’s a win-win for our customers and for the future of our planet.

Care for the Craft

Artisan Batched

If you were able to peek inside, you’d see that we’re constantly fine-tuning the art of handcrafted CBD goods in our private cGMP & Kosher certified manufacturing facility. Never synthetic and always produced with care.

We take the craft of CBD seriously. Eric Ramos, our Vice President of Production, has been one of our master formulators; crafting potent CBD skincare and the most potent CBD gummies on the market.

Thanks to our artisan process, you won’t find CBD goods like ours anywhere else.

High Potency

We’re proud cultivators of the highest potency CBD goods on the market today, with up to 12,000MG of whole-plant CBD squeezed into a single 2oz. tincture.

So, how do we do it?

A Clean Process

Using a clean CO2 extraction, we never overheat or overprocess our raw crops in an effort to make products that are as close to the hemp plant’s diverse array of cannabinoids as possible.

Respect the Plant

With this careful attention to detail, our 3rd Party Lab Results speak for themselves. Both our Full Spectrum & THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD are home to dozens of powerful cannabinoids, making them capable of the plant’s entourage effect, i.e. maximum plant power.

Katrina Lubiano

Is a content writer in the health and wellness space based in Vancouver, Canada — Canada's epicenter for cannabis culture. When she's not working, she enjoys sailing, watercolor painting, and cooking.

Glory Rae Finnegan

Is a freelance content writer with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology. Glory is passionate about human psychology, destigmatizing mental health, animal advocacy, and plant-based living.

Nicklas Brandrup

Is a co-founder of Neurogan and a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness space who has generated over $250M in sales on Amazon. He is passionate about the environment, animal sanctuaries, and supporting his local community and aspiring entrepreneurs. In his spare time, Nicklas enjoys cooking, playing soccer, or enjoying San Diego’s vibrant craft beer scene.

Jan Brandrup

Jan Brandrup is the visionary and co-founder behind Neurogan. He holds a master’s degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and participates in extraction methods that yield the high-potency CBD oil that Neurogan is known for. Today, Jan is still very hands-on in our product formulations and extraction processes while sharing expert insight on all news relating to the hemp and wellness space via our bimonthly Insider Scoops.

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