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Our Process

Neurogan's 5-Step Process For Powerful CBD

Step 1
Beginnings in Denmark

It all starts at DanHamp, our family farm just 50 miles south of Copenhagen.

'DanHamp', translates to Danish hemp, as the origin of all of our CBD products is in our home country of Denmark.

DanHamp Field
Girl With CBD Oil
CBD Harvester

Denmark is one of the happiest countries on earth and the rich landscape and purity of the lush countryside permeates our products with unrivaled goodness.

Step 2
harvesting & drying the crops

Each year from April to October, we slow-grow our crops outdoors amongst all of the elements including the sun, wind, and rain.

The hemp is organically grown in soil free of heavy metals and harmful pesticides.

We harvest the crops at peak blossom using state-of-the-art farming techniques before gently storing them in a cool, dry space.

DanHamp Field
Sunny Weather
Sunny Weather
Sunny Weather

Once our crops have been dried over a two month period, we granulate the whole plant to keep hemp's rich variety of health benefits intact.

Step 3
the journey to san diego
Neurogan Girl With CBD Oil

Our pellets with CBD enriched hemp are packaged and shipped abroad to Neurogan headquarters in San Diego, California where our dedicated team is ready to welcome each fresh import.

Neurogan Group

Humble Brag Alert!
Each year we ship over 100,000 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade hemp to the US.

Step 4
co2 hemp extraction

At HQ, our team gears up for one of the most integral parts of our process: extraction

Neurogan CO2 Extraction Process

CO2 extraction uses CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), compresses to a critical point (90 degrees Fahrenheit). If you recognize this chemical abbreviation, it's because we actually breathe CO2 out of our very own lungs.

Neurogan Extraction Process - Sun
Neurogan Extraction Process - CO2
CO2 Extraction Drop Into Bottle
Step 5
in-house & third-party testing

Each hemp-enriched Neurogan product has been comprehensively checked for nutrient density and quality controlled by our team in California.


As a final quality assurance measure, our extracts are examined by a 3rd party lab for proof of purity


The result of our extensive premium measures is a product of high-caliber, capable of providing beneficial health attributes to our values customers all around the world