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At just 20 years old, Elsa Knutson is busy capturing magical moments around the world as a traveling model & photographer.

A self-proclaimed ‘life enthusiast’ - she skis, surfs, models, and manages her own photography business. "As a photographer, my job allows me to travel frequently. (..) Travel definitely keeps motivation for my business high. Not only is it easy to be inspired while constantly seeing and experiencing new things, but it also makes travel sustainable for me."

Elsa has always been an active and on-the-go individual, but her journey with CBD began after sustaining a head injury that caused her to slow-down. "I was taking so many painkillers that I could feel it start to affect my body, so I decided to switch over to more natural remedies. It took away the pain and had no side effects. Since then, I've been a full supporter of CBD! I use it for mental clarity as well as joint health. I notice a huge difference on days I don't take it."

Nowadays, Neurogan follows Elsa wherever she goes. "I've been super excited about traveling through Southeast Asia. I love the culture and the warm sandy beaches! My favorite CBD product to travel with are the CBD mints. They're super effective and easy to throw in my bag when I'm on the go. An airport essential for me."


Elsa is a photographer & model based in Carlsbad, California. She's a surfer, skier, and life enthusiast.

United States