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CBD Wholesale Program

Neurogan's Wholesale CBD program was created to provide retail businesses and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to take part in the thriving CBD market by offering Neurogan's line of top-quality CBD products to their customers. PARTNER WITH US
Neurogan is a family-owned and operated CBD and natural superfoods company. Our full-spectrum CBD is both sun & slow-grown in our home country of Denmark, imbued with the quality of the pristine Danis countryside and the spirit of the Happiest Country on Earth. Word has spread about the quality of products. So, alongside our Wholesale offering, we've been pleased to introduce a Private Label Program for those wishing to customize our more than 15 powerful CBD goods to their heart's content.
Why Neurogan?
- Speak with our 24/7 customer care team
- Receive personalized, real-time advice & mentorship
- Expect efficient Communication
- Work with experienced partners you can trust

- Speak with our 24/7 customer care team
- Receive personalized, real-time advice & mentorship
- Expect efficient Communication
- Work with experienced partners you can trust

- Organic, non-GMO, & vegan hemp
- Slow-grown outdoors in Denmark
- Full-spectrum for a full-range of benefits, with
isolate options available
- Third party laboratory tested (with documents of
verification available upon request)
- CO2 extracted for maximum potency
What customers have to say about our
CBD wholesale program
My 5-year-old Maltese/Jack Russell terrier, Mila, is prone to having seizures. One day we were at the store when she started to have an episode. My first thought was to run across the street to take her to the animal hospital, but I thought, 'the CBD oil!' I gave her some Neurogan pet oil and within seconds, Mila took a deep breath and started to gradually get better until the seizure was gone!
Dina Marquez
My clients have realized the importance of CBD as part of their recovery process and are using Neurogan products for various conditions. If you're going to sell supplements, CBD is the most effective when treating patients with inflammation. This is the perfect time to be selling CBD due to its popularity, it almost sells itself. Just having it on your shelf is enough for people to say, "Wow, you're selling CBD!"
Dr. Andrew Pierce
Tidewater Chiropractic
We've been selling Neurogan products for only a few months and we're already doing great on sales. We sell a lot online but also at our store, serving our local community. Customers share their stories with us of their horses changing after taking Neurogan hemp pellets. They say they were able to notice changes in their horse's demeanor and energy level surprisingly fast, especially in the older horses.
Mary’s Tack & Feed
How to start selling CBD
Getting started in CBD is not as hard as you might think. With our experience and knowledge of the industry,
we can guide you through the complicated ins & outs of CBD before you dive in.
Get in touch
Tell us about your business and the types of
products you're interested in.
We'll guide you
From choosing the right products for your
audience, to understanding the legal aspects
of working with CBD.
Start selling!
We'll ship you your products and you'll be
ready to get started.
A Wide Selection of Products to Accommodate Diverse Industries
The use of CBD goes far beyond personal daily use. Today, CBD can be found in skincare and foods and is used by athletes and musicians alike to improve their performance. Due to the immense benefits of CBD, industries are adapting its advantages to fit their needs. At Neurogan, we’re proud to support the initiatives of entrepreneurs and retail businesses to help our partnerships prosper within their line of work.
Every product we offer has not only been extensively researched, but also third party laboratory tested to ensure quality. For this reason, our skincare & natural foods are tried & true when it comes to promoting mental & physical well-being for health-conscious customers.
All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, which means our pets can benefit from CBD just as we do. Offering CBD at your petcare business will give you a unique edge over your competitors, providing value to your customers.
Our full-spectrum, premium quality CBD makes our products an industry standard of excellence that we would fit perfectly in a dispensary setting for vape & CBD enthusiasts.
Why Should I Sell CBD?
We consider ourselves #1 in CBD Wholesale Partnerships. When you partner with us you’ll
gain priority access to our experienced & knowledgeable team, our complete collection of
hemp-based goods, and our premium full-spectrum CBD.
For a long time CBD was nature’s best kept secret, but not anymore. The CBD/Hemp industry is projected to soon be a $1 Billion market, so the sooner you start, the better.
CBD has been deemed a “safe and effective health alternative” by the World Health Organization (WHO), and an outpour of success stories continue to solidify its presence as a natural wellness alternative for many issues facing today’s society: depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and much more.
When you choose to get involved with the CBD industry there is great peace of mind in knowing that you can take pride in what you’ll be promoting, as well as the fact that the demand is continuing to grow.
Through partnering with a reputable CBD supplier and providing your customer base with plant-powered health, you’ll be astounded by the amount of positive feedback & business you’ll begin to receive.
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