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The Best CBD Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

The Best CBD Holiday Gift Guide for 2019

Posted by Glory Finnegan on 26th Nov 2019

There seems to be one word on everyone's lips this year, CBD: it's in the news, it's on every billboard, and it's being added into skincaregummy bears, and more!

So, we're going to call it and say that the $1 billion+ CBD industry will be making a big appearance around the Christmas tree this year after being dubbed "legal" by late 2018's farm bill

Our guide features hand-packed CBD kits to help you win the holidays. Each gift kit comes wrapped and ready for you to place under the tree, with a 15% off bundled discount included. We're proud to be your one-stop CBD holiday shop for everyone on your list: dog-loversbeginnersathletes & more. 

neurogan's cbd gift guide

1. For a loved one that just has to try CBD

Do you have a friend or family member who keeps complaining about an ache or pain, or who struggles with stress? Are they looking for a more natural, healthy option to soothe their discomfort?

If you're fed up with constantly reminding them to try CBD, go ahead and grab our custom-curated CBD Starter Pack to get them going on their CBD journey. This pack includes the perfect CBD essentials for beginners: Full-Spectrum Cinnamon CBD oil 500MG & CBD Balm 500MG.

neurogan cbd starter pack

2. For the on-the-go athlete

The truth is, athletes can be difficult to pick a gift for. They like certain athletic wear, usually already have all the gear they need, and typically stick to restrictive diets. But what every athlete knows, is that recovery is a MUST for staying on top of their surfinghiking, or yoga game. 

We created our CBD Active Pack with athlete recovery in mind by bundling our favorite on-the-go CBD spray and rub designed to promote natural recovery: Full-Spectrum CBD Cooling Rub 1000MG & NEW Full-Spectrum Cinnamon CBD Spray 500MG

neurogan cbd gift active pack

3. For cozy winter nights

When it's chilly out, cozying up with a cup of tea is such a wonderful ritual, and CBD really adds extra relaxation and calm to the entire experience. Our full-spectrum CBD & chamomile flavored teas feature slow-grown Danish hemp, harvested at peak blossom to bring you first-class, superb taste and quality. Our careful cultivation provides our tea with a fresh-picked taste and a rich flavor profile of floral and earth tones - not to mention, calming CBD wellness.

For ultimate unwinding and wellness, our CBD Tea Gift will help you to treat the tea-lover in your life with our classic CBD flavors & 5MG of full-spectrum hemp per bag: Organic Full-Spectrum CBD & Chamomile tea & Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Tea.

neurogan cbd tea gift set

4. For the dog-obsessed

CBD works wonders for dogs and we'll shamelessly tell anyone that our very favorite CBD clientele are our tail-wagging canine customers. Seeing the incredible effect that CBD has on older pooches or dogs that suffer from anxiety is truly a miraculous sight on long car rides, plane flights, and visits to the vet. 

As an added bonus, when you buy pet CBD from Neurogan, you can rely on us to keep you in the know. We continually build our collection of helpful guides so you can find the best dosage and method to give your horsedog, or cat CBD in the way that suits them best. 

Grab your pup-loving friend or family member the gift that keeps on giving, by helping their dog to experience greater mental & physical well-being with our CBD Pet Pack, including: Full-Spectrum CBD Dog Chews 30 count & Full-Spectrum Pet CBD Oil 500MG.

neurogan cbd pet pack

5. For CBD devotees

Are you close to someone who can't get enough CBD? They might've started with a low-dose but now they're obsessed and love the extra peace of mind a potent dropper-full can bring. So, please, do not buy your CBD-loving friend or parent CBD from Amazon, get them REAL Scandinavian-bred CBD and stay away from all of that bad quality CBD

For our most devoted CBD connoisseurs, we created our CBD High-Potency Gift with a wholesome high-powered CBD dose: Full-Spectrum Cinnamon CBD Oil 2000MG. And remember, this pre-wrapped gift will be 15% off it's regular price!

cbd high potency gift

Why choose Neurogan CBD?

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to CBD, but we're confident that we're a cut above the rest. Every Neurogan product contains hemp that is grown and cared for by our family in Denmark. We only sell products we would use ourselves, cultivated for premium quality: CO2 extracted, non-GMO, and organic. We offer a 30 Day Risk Free Trial and a customer service to help should your CBD experience not meet your expectations.

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