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A Guide To Using CBN For Sleep

Many people swear by CBN for sleep. While more research is needed to back these claims, we're going to offer some suggestions for making the most of your CBN oil or gummies for improving your sleep quality.

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Is Delta-8 Safe?

Date 22nd Jun 2022

While most of the attention on cannabis research and development of products is focused on cannabinol (CBD) and delta-9 THC, there has been growing interest in minor cannabinoids such as delta-8 THC f … read more

​ How Long Does Delta-8 Stay In Your System?

Date 27th May 2022

If you're curious about delta-8, how long it stays in your system, and its effects, you're in luck.We'll also explain how cannabinoids are absorbed and metabolized, comparing short-term delta-8 THC us … read more

What's The Difference? Delta-8 vs. Delta 9 THC

Date 25th Mar 2022

When most people think of marijuana, they think of THC. If we want to get technical, it’s delta-9 THC. This is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in both marijuana and hemp plants (but in trace a … read more

Is Delta 8 Legal?

Date 23rd Mar 2022

Delta-8 or D8 THC is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. It's been given the nickname "light weed" for its mild high similar to marijuana use, and some people claim that it helps them relax … read more

Does Delta-8 Make You High?

Date 18th Mar 2022

If you've ever heard of the cannabinoid delta-8, you may be wondering if it makes you high. After all, delta-8 is a variation of the traditional THC molecule abundant in weed—but does Delta-8 hav … read more

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