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Live to Give: Neurogan + The Animal Pad

By: Glory Finnegan

Neurogan’s mission is to turn people away from their medicine cabinets and towards nature - and at the core of this mission, is our heartfelt desire to help others through the remarkable power of hemp.

This Thanksgiving, we decided to put our mission into action; from November 16th-25th, we will proudly be donating 10% of all Neurogan purchases to local non-profit, The Animal Pad (TAP). Founded in 2010, TAP saves dogs from high-kill shelters and the streets of San Diego & Mexico, in the hope of greatly reducing the vast number of euthanized dogs each year.

To Neurogan co-founder, Alexander Brandrup, donating proceeds to TAP was a decision with profoundly personal roots. Beginning as a foster-dog parent in September 2018, he could’ve never guessed that his act of service would impact him in such a poignant way. Through developing a close bond with his poodle-mix foster dog, Cash, he came face-to-face with just how many loving dogs don’t have forever homes.

Often times, foster pups can suffer from aggressive behaviors, separation anxiety, and have difficulty adjusting to their new homes. Neurogan Dog Treats & Pet Oils offer comfort for these pooches while they develop trust with their owners, and experience the comfort and safety of being part of a family.

With your help, Neurogan’s donation can help provide foster pups with access to medical care and basic necessities (food, water, leash & collar), and provides TAP with the ability to plan as many rescue missions as possible.

During this season of giving, Neurogan wishes to lead by example, as it is both our words and deeds that show gratitude.


Neurogan Co-Founder, Alexander Brandrup & Foster Pup, Cash

About Glory Finnegan

Glory Rae Finnegan is a freelance content writer with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology. Glory is passionate about human psychology, destigmatizing mental health, animal advocacy, and plant-based living.