Insider Scoop: Why Should I Care About CBD Carrier Oils?

Date 8th Sep 2021

Insider Scoop: Why Should I Care About CBD Carrier Oils?

Hey Health-Seekers,

Did you know that the CBD oil you purchase, is never just CBD?

CBD oil is made from CBD extract and you guessed it, an oil. And there isn't just one standardized oil across the industry; If you've tried multiple CBD oils, you've unknowingly tried multiple carrier oils.

So, do carrier oils make a difference for your CBD experience? Let's take a closer look. 

What Is A Carrier Oil?

A CBD carrier oil, often called a base oil, is a plant-derived solution that is used to help carry the contents of the active compound, CBD.

What Do Carrier Oils Do?

  • Strengthen bioavailability & absorption
  • Ensure dosage potency
  • Keep the extract fresh

What Are Some Common Carrier Oils?

  • MCT Oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Grape seed oil

Does The Type Of Carrier Oil Make A Difference?

The type of carrier oil makes a difference. CBD is fat-soluble, so pairing it with an oil improves absorption. However, each unique carrier oil will be processed differently by the body.

Our Verdict: The Best Carrier Oil For CBD

The best carrier oil for CBD will feature a high rate of bioavailability. For this reason, we consider MCT oil to be the best carrier oil for oral CBD oil. MCT oil molecules are smaller than normal molecules, which make them easier & quicker for the body (especially, the liver) to process. For this reason, alongside it's smooth taste, MCT oil is the choice carrier oil in all Neurogan CBD oil.

To discover more on carrier oils, check out our blog, The Best Carrier Oil For CBD: Why Carrier Oils Matter.

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Jan Brandrup
Jan Brandrup

Jan Brandrup is the visionary and co-founder behind Neurogan. He holds a master’s degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and participates in extraction methods that yield the high-potency CBD oil that Neurogan is known for. Today, Jan is still very hands-on in our product formulations and extraction processes while sharing expert insight on all news relating to the hemp and wellness space via our bimonthly Insider Scoops.