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Insider Scoop: What's The Deal With THC-Free CBD?

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Hey Health-Seekers,

Are you in need of that easy, breezy CBD feeling, but aren't too crazy about the way THC-rich products makes you feel?

We've got you!

You might've noticed that we talk a lot about THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD, but if you're still lacking clarity on what exactly it is and how it's created, today's scoop should help clear that up.

Let's get started, shall we?

What is THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD?

THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD is a type of CBD extract that is CO2 extracted before undergoing a distillation process and a proprietary cannabinoid separation to remove THC. The final product is laboratory tested to provide proof of zero THC content.

The 3 most popular types of CBD extracts are:

  • Full Spectrum: A whole-plant extract.
  • THC-Free Broad Spectrum: A whole-plant extract, with no THC.
  • Isolate: Synthetic, non-plant derived CBD, with no THC.

THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD has become popular for users who prefer to avoid THC due to sensitivity or mandatory workplace drug screenings.

Is all THC-Free CBD the same?

As you might've noticed, both Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD contain no THC - but one is far superior to the other.

  • THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD provides the goodness of zero THC, is capable of the entourage effect, and contains over 100+ of hemp's natural cannabinoids.
  • Isolate CBD poses the risk of being synthetic, overly-processed, and low-quality. Think of Isolate CBD as the Wonder Bread of CBD.

At Neurogan, we don't use Isolate CBD and take pride in creating high-potency, THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD.

Learn more about THC-Free CBD in our article, CBD Oil Without THC: Your Complete Guide.

What to Look for in THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD

If you've decided to purchase a THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD product, you're going to want to look for the following in the 3rd party lab results:

  1. Check the cannabinoid profile to make sure it contains more than CBD: CBG, CBDV, and more.
  2. Look at the row that says THC, THCA, or THCV. This should either read 0 or ND (not detected).

See an example below of a THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD lab result with THC listed as ND.

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