Insider Scoop: The Strongest CBD Gummies on the Internet, Re-upped and More Potent Than Ever

Date 8th Sep 2021

Insider Scoop: The Strongest CBD Gummies on the Internet, Re-upped and More Potent Than Ever

Hey Wellness Seekers,

Oops, we did it again.

Last September we brought you the strongest CBD Gummy on the internet with 90MG of CBD per gummy, and now we're raising the bar...

We've made the Strongest CBD Gummies in the World packed with 120MG of CBD in each square.

We can't wait to share more about why we created this robust treat and discuss what to expect should you decide to try it.

1 Gummy Meets 120MG of CBD

Why Did We Create The World's Strongest CBD Gummies?

Unfortunately, we know that some report not feeling the effects of CBD. When we hear this we're always thinking that low dosage is likely the culprit.

CBD Gummy Squares have consistently been one of our top-rated products (alongside CBD Softgels). So, by packing each gummy square to brim with CBD, we capitalize on HIGH POTENCY, bringing you a Neurogan favorite so high-powered there's no way you'll miss the effects.

Each Gummy has 120MG of CBD to offer you unrivaled strength. Enjoy your choice of Full Spectrum or THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD and a Fresh Watermelon and Wild Berry flavor to help support:

Healthy Sleep Cycle

Management of Everyday Stressors

Normal Recovery Post-Workout

Healthy Mobility

Are These The Right CBD Gummies For Me?

These powerful CBD Gummies are for experienced CBD users who love to test their sensitivity with potent CBD products.

Explore more about CBD Dosage in our helpful guide, and check out the benefits of CBD gummies here.

The World's Strongest CBD Gummies

Don't wait, we only made a limited supply to make sure our Neurogan customers love 'em!

Artisan batched, Non-GMO, no unnecessary fillers or additives, and freshly created for you — swoop up a jar of the World's Strongest CBD Gummies.


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Jan Brandrup
Jan Brandrup

Jan Brandrup is the visionary and co-founder behind Neurogan. He holds a master’s degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and participates in extraction methods that yield the high-potency CBD oil that Neurogan is known for. Today, Jan is still very hands-on in our product formulations and extraction processes while sharing expert insight on all news relating to the hemp and wellness space via our bimonthly Insider Scoops.