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If You Love Surfing, You'll Love CBD

If You Love Surfing, You'll Love CBD

Posted by Glory Finnegan on 5th Feb 2019

As an ode to our company’s home turf, San Diego, let’s talk about surfing.

The average California surfer will hit the waves 2-5 times a week with sessions ranging from 2-3 hours. That's a lot of surfing. With such regimented schedules, can CBD help surfers recover and heal better than ever? We think so, & here's why.

Ditch The Pain-Killers

Utilizing pain meds for an occasional headache from time to time won’t cause too much harm. But it doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that athletes who use Advil or ibuprofen, day after day to combat post-workout soreness, will ultimately cause irreversible wear on their bodies. Fortunately, CBD can help to support normal muscle recovery, without all of the negative side effects.

Expedite Recovery

If you didn’t know, our bodies already possess the tools to help us heal - and CBD supports the body's normal healing process. By working to help to support healthy inflammatory function, it’s able to provide relief from the pain & stiffness that surfers can experience after a successful day in the water. 

Neurogan CBD OilContinuous Use is Encouraged

Not only is CBD natural and chemical-free, continuous use is good for our bodies.
When CBD is built up in the body over time, it has the potential to increase cannabinoid receptors and fire up our Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Get Brave to Ride the Waves

If you’re familiar with CBD you know that it helps to support physical and mental well-being - a benefit caused by CBD’s ability to balance our bodies from the inside out. So, in those small moments when you’re deciding to ride that wave, you’ll have the courage to take on the challenge. Neurogan CBD Oil

"Usually I experience soreness in my neck after surfing, but with CBD I can recover much faster"

Taylor Duncan, local surfer


Any Q’s?

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