How to Pick the Perfect Flavored CBD Oil

Date 5th Jul 2019

How to Pick the Perfect Flavored CBD Oil

By now, you’ve surely heard about the hype surrounding CBD and its long list of benefits. Maybe you’ve gotten a taste of CBD oil from a friend or at your local farmers market.

Trying CBD for your first time is a different experience for everyone, both in terms of taste and of effect. Today companies offering CBD usually tend to have a long list of the different flavors their CBD oils come in. In this article, we’re going to break down what flavors actually exist, how they’re usually flavored, and which ones tend to be most common. In the end, we’re even going to give you a guide of how you can flavor your own CBD oil.

Different Types of CBD Flavors

Over the years our team has had to experiment quite a bit to find the right flavors for our customers and we've zeroed in on our favorite pairings to match hemp’s natural flavor.


We think that pairing the earthy flavor of hemp with citrus is a match made in heaven! And not to worry, the flavor is never tart enough to make you pucker up! Instead, think of it as smooth & refreshing.


When we think of cinnamon, we think of just how strong yet soft the flavor can be. It possesses both a sweet and savory flavor that is smoky and aromatic. And where too much cinnamon can be overpowering, we’ve put a lot of thought into a blend that is balanced.

Natural Hemp

Hemp’s natural flavor has been described as earthy, nutty, or even, grassy. We suppose we’ll state the obvious here and let you know that hemp’s natural flavor tastes the most natural with a soft-nutty flavor.

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How are CBD oils Flavored?

The Natural Flavor

When we create our CBD oil through CO2 extraction, we find that our hemp is able to maintain a pure taste that is most true to its raw form. When CBD is created through CO2 extraction there are no solvents or heat being used so that all necessary plant matter can be extracted without damaging important components essential to hemp's health benefits. For this reason, the taste of C02 extracted hemp will be naturally sharper than a CBD oil that has been extracted through processes that utilize heat and other solvents.

Flavored CBD Oil

CBD oil that features a flavor is common practice in the CBD market as many people aren’t too keen on hemp’s natural taste. When we create our custom flavors we use a cold-pressed organic flavored oil and mix it into our full-spectrum extracts. Neurogan now comes in both cinnamon & citrus flavors.

How to Flavor Your CBD Oil

If you aren’t fond of the flavors available on the CBD market, you can take matters into your own hands! No matter how creative you get with flavors to best suit your palette, CBD will still host a wide range of health benefits to effectively to fit your needs.

Purchase a Flavor

The easiest way to create your own CBD flavor is to purchase your own cold pressed flavor, perhaps peppermint, caramel, or cherry. If you like a little bit of sweetness, you can purchase Sweet Drops stevia flavoring at your local natural foods store.

Perform a Taste Test

Before mixing the flavor into your oil try a few dots on the back of your hand of both CBD & your preferred taste. Give it a try before mixing it into your tincture.

Carefully Add the flavor to your Tincture

Very slowly add the flavoring into your natural flavored tincture and shake well. Perform another small taste test and add until the flavor suits your palette.

How to Mask the Taste of Hemp Oil

If you have no interest in adding flavor to hemp oil and would rather find a way to not have to taste it at all, we understand! Here's some tips to mitigate the taste of hemp.

Be Prepared with a Drink

Right after you’ve swallowed the tincture, it’s a no brainer, rinse down the taste with iced tea, water, or a smoothie of your choice.

Utilize Breath Mints

Our customers have told us that a breath mint or gum after CBD has been their saving grace!

Switch to a New CBD Product

If you aren't crazy about the taste of hemp oil, it's easy to switch to a different form of CBD: capsules, gummy bears, mints and more. Shop our large collection of CBD goods to find the right one for you.


Any Q's?

We wish you the best on your health journey. Contact our team for any further questions.

Glory Finnegan
Glory Finnegan

Glory Rae Finnegan is a freelance content writer with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology. Glory is passionate about human psychology, destigmatizing mental health, animal advocacy, and plant-based living.