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We've Discontinued Neurogan Vapes, Here's Why

We've Discontinued Neurogan Vapes, Here's Why

Posted by Glory Finnegan on 31st Oct 2019

We pride ourselves on providing nothing but the best for our customers, and with the current happenings in the vape industry we're staying true to this intention by bidding farewell to our vape collection amidst the controversy surrounding vape-based products.

Lately, vapes have been the cause of much commotion, and as a result, a lot of confusion. Here we'll take the time to explain whats been going on and let you in on the shift we've cooked up to accommodate our vape customers. 

neurogan vape juice

The vaping health crisis: What you need to know

E-cigarettes first arrived on the market around 2004 and were seen as a "healthier" option as opposed to smoking nicotine cigarettes. However, the last year has seen an exponential surge in vape related illnesses and injuries, including reports of: 

  • exploding e-cigarettes
  • seizures
  • lung injuries

This October, the FDA disclosed that there has been over 1,000 reported lung injuries due to vaping alone. The CDC is calling these injuries, EVALI“e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury." 

Since the reports have come out, many are calling for the FDA to ban e-cigarettes entirely. Though they've yet to take action on this front, the FDA has instructed the public to, “stop using THC-containing vaping products and any vaping products obtained off the street.”

Neurogan Vapes

So, join us in making the shift...

to Full-Spectrum CBD Pre-Rolls! Our newest product made to accommodate customers who still want to inhale their daily dose of CBD for quick relief.

Neurogan full-spectrum CBD pre-rolls

Our NEW CBD Pre-Rolls come complete with our 100% full spectrum Danish hemp in its most natural form; with the leaves, stems, and flowers neatly rolled up for your convenience!

Each classic pre-roll offers the quickest method of CBD delivery for a more natural alternative to vaping that is both nicotine & tobacco free. Pre-rolls offer a no-frills approach to CBD, with no added flavors or additional ingredients. Use for: 

  • Helping to relieve joint pain and stiffness
  • Helping to maintain calmness
  • Promoting a healthy sleep cycle
  • Supporting a normal inflammatory response

The Fastest Method of Delivery

Did you know that inhalation is the fastest method of delivery? This means that when you inhale CBD, it works faster than if you were to eat it, take it sub-lingually (under the tongue), or rub it into the skin.


Neurogan CBD pre roll1


Please  reach out to us with all of your CBD related questions and we'll be happy to help.

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