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How to Calm Your Dog With CBD For Fireworks

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Every 4th of July, dog-owners across America begin to brace for impact when it comes to taking care of their terrified, sensitive pooches.

While some dogs can be completely unaffected by the Independence Day holiday, others can find the bright flashes of light, loud bangs, and over-the-top festivities to be disorienting and stressful. While there are medications that can help to calm dogs from fireworks, it’s wise to start out with something more gentle and natural first to mitigate harmful side effects.

Using natural ingredients like CBD to help bring about a greater sense of calm for your dog can make a huge difference. We’ll share more on how CBD helps to calm pets, the science behind how CBD calms dogs, how to calm your dog during fireworks, and extra best practice tips to abide by to make sure your pet is safe this holiday season.

How can CBD help to calm my pet?

In the last 5 years, CBD has sky-rocketed to the world stage as a natural remedy for countless struggles, but can it really help to calm pets?

With every passing year, we’re beginning to understand more about CBD and its wide range of benefits as the science unfolds, but the mystery behind why CBD works has already been clearly pinpointed.

Every mammal in the animal kingdom is equipped with an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system operates as a master regulator in our body, keeping track of small changes that occur, and always fighting to bring our system back to greater balance, also known as homeostasis.

The endocannabinoid system gets support from endocannabinoids that our body naturally produces, but to keep up with the strain and stress that the modern world presents, oftentimes our bodies could use a little help. This is where plant cannabinoids, also known as phytocannabinoids, step in. Phytocannabinoids like CBD, CBG, THC, and over 100 more, have been shown to support our bodies by helping the endocannabinoid system to maintain healthy function.

The science behind how CBD works

Keep in mind, only a few reliable studies have been done to take a closer look at the effect of CBD for dogs. The following studies contain both animal and human subject groups.

Supports healthy inflammatory function

Numerous studies have been performed in human subjects to support that CBD may help to maintain normal inflammatory function, but only one has been performed with dogs. A 2018 study from Frontiers in Veterinary Science, gave slow moving pooches 2-8mg of CBD daily and found that 80% of dogs saw improvement in aches and mobility.

Supports calmness

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that CBD has been shown to have a positive effect on stress in animals. Study subjects given CBD presented lower behavioral and physiological signs of stress such as increased heart rate showed improvement.

Supports a balanced mood

Low levels of serotonin, the well-being molecule, are connected to a lowered mood. As found in a 2018 study by Frontiers in Immunology, while CBD doesn’t boost serotonin, it may affect how your brain’s chemical receptors respond to the serotonin possibly producing a balanced mood sensation.

How to Calm Dogs From Fireworks

CBD treats & CBD pet oil

CBD pet treats and CBD pet oil will help you to prepare your dog for the big holiday. Give your dog a CBD pet treat or CBD pet oil 30-45 minutes before the firework festivities begin to help induce a sense of calmness. Administer CBD to your pet by either dropping a few drops of CBD oil into their mouth, putting a few drops on their food or a treat, or rewarding them with a tasty pet treat. To learn more about how to dose CBD to calm down your dog during fireworks, check out our CBD Dosage Guide for Dogs.

Take them on a long walk

Before the festivities begin, you’ll want to take your dog out for a 30 minute to an hour long walk. By taking your dog for a walk, you’ll be helping them to expend extra energy before being in a confined space. The act of walking them will wear them out, helping them to reach a deeper level of relaxation.

Leave a piece of you

The most calming thing to your pet is your physical presence. However, if you can’t stay with them all night, you can always leave them with an unwashed item of clothing that smells like you to help them feel at ease. Before leaving them, fill the space they’ll be occupying with other toys and items that make them feel comfortable.

Play music

If you’ve noticed that the noises of the fireworks agitate your pet, there are countless youtube videos with soothing and familiar sounds dedicated to leaving a pet at home. Connect youtube to a speaker and play at a moderate level (not too loud!) to drown out the loud crashes and bangs of the local fireworks display.

5 Pet Preparation Tips For 4th of July

Calming your dog during fireworks is no easy task, but once you’ve taken all the necessary precautions we’ve outlined, be sure to follow these best practice tips to guarantee your pets safety.

  1. Do not bring your pet to the festivities. Even the most well trained dogs could become frightened and run away.
  2. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with updated information. During fireworks some pets can become so nervous that they'll gnaw their way through cages or jump through windows. In the case of an emergency, you want your dog to be wearing up-to-date information on their dog tag.
  3. Fill your dog's water bowl. Pet’s can become more thirsty when they’re experiencing heightened nerves.
  4. Shut all doors and windows. By closing the curtains, windows, and doors you not only protect your dog from escaping, you protect them from changes in light levels and noise pollution.
  5. Always reward calm behavior. If you arrive home and your dog has seemingly been calm throughout the entire experience, be sure to give them extra love, praise, and treats to reward calm behavior. 

Neurogan CBD for calming pets during fireworks

We've always been honest about the fact that pets are our favorite Neurogan customers (sorry, humans!). This is why we've put in the effort to make our CBD for pets human-grade, vitamin and nutrient rich, non-GMO, and packed with our home-grown CBD. If our CBD for pets doesn't work to help your pet feel more safe and secure, get a full refund on your order with our 30-day risk free trial

Have you had luck using CBD to help calm your pet during stressful situations? Share your story with us in the comment section below!

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