The Best Carrier Oil For CBD: Why Carrier Oils Matter

Date 16th Jan 2020

The Best Carrier Oil For CBD: Why Carrier Oils Matter

Did you know that the CBD oil you purchase, is never just CBD? There is always a carrier oil involved. 

If you're taking CBD in the hopes of attaining greater well-being, it's a worthwhile cause to look into the types of carrier oils that popular manufacturers are using, so that you can choose the best CBD carrier oil with the most health benefits to share.

In this article, we'll look into what a CBD carrier oil is, why it's important, go over popular types of CBD carrier oils, and let you know how to choose the best CBD carrier oil to fit your wellness goals. 

What is a CBD carrier oil?

A CBD carrier oil, often called a base oil, is a plant-derived solution that is used to help carry the contents of the active compound, CBD.

What does a CBD carrier oil do?

The best carrier oil for CBD will ensure delivery, potency, and freshness


Without the help of a carrier oil, your body would be unable to meet the demand of fully processing the CBD you're consuming. When CBD is combined with a fatty plant-based oil, it directly binds with the fat molecules that your body is familiar with processing, strengthening CBD's absorption and bioavailability. Did you know? CBD is a lipophilic substance, so it combines seamlessly with dietary fats. 


Measuring out a particular dose of pure CBD, which is essentially just CBD isolate powder, would be close to impossible. As CBD is commonly used in therapeutic or medical settings, it's easier to ensure proper dosage when CBD is evenly distributed into a carrier oil.  A key aspect of using CBD with success is maintaining consistency and figuring out the dose that works best for you.


Active CBD compounds can maintain both stability and potency for long-lasting freshness when they're put into a carrier oil. If you think about the olive oil or coconut oil in your pantry, it's maintained freshness much longer than the fruits & vegetables in your fridge. This is because fats oxidize at a slow rate, the result of their specific chemical structure. 

What are the most common CBD carrier oils?

mct cbd oil neurogan cbd

  • High concentration of fat soluble compounds
  • Keto-friendly
  • Naturally anti-fungal & antibacterial
  • Smooth taste
  • Could cause stomach upset

MCT oil sourced from palm & coconuts is a go-to choice for premium CBD brands. Out of all of the popular CBD carrier oils, MCT oil has the highest concentrations of fat soluble compounds. MCT molecules are smaller than normal molecules, which make them easier for the body (especially, the liver) to process. With a thin texture and smooth taste, oral consumption is no fuss. Additionally, it's keto-friendly! 

Keep in mind, MCT oil has been known to sometimes cause an upset stomach upon first administration. This is common due to it's high-fat content and will typically subside with consistent usage. 

hemp seed oil carrier oil

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Abundant omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids
  • Natural hemp byproduct
  • Possesses a sharp flavor
  • Often confused with CBD oil

Hemp seed oil contains numerous essential fatty acids, including the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Throughout the years its been touted as a natural alternative to heal common issues of the skin due to its natural antioxidant content. However, as a carrier oil, hemp does not possess the highest bioavailability and the taste is often too sharp for those who don't appreciate hemp's natural flavor. 

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of hemp plants, while CBD is extracted from the leaves and flowers of hemp plants. However, many companies often try to pass off hemp seed oil as CBD oil, which it is not. Learn more about this prominent issue happening within the CBD industry on the amazon marketplace, and check out our blog on how to make sure you're buying real CBD oil

olive oil carrier oil

  • Rich in Monounsaturated fats
  • Highly researched
  • Thick consistency
  • Antioxidant content
  • Strong nutty Taste

Olive oil has long been studied as a major cornerstone within the mediterranean diet. It's rich in antioxidants and revered as an essential fatty acid staple. 

With a strong nutty taste and a thick consistency, olive oil is not as covert of a carrier oil as MCT oil. Additionally, Olive oil features monounsaturated fats as its primary fat molecule, which require more processing and absorption, resulting in less bioavailability.

What is the best carrier oil for CBD?

The best carrier oil for CBD will feature a high rate of bioavailability. For this reason, we consider MCT oil to be the best carrier oil for oral CBD, as it has higher than normal fat soluble compounds that ensure a greater absorption rate.

However, keep in mind, just because two companies use the same type of carrier oil (i.e. hemp seed oil), it doesn't mean that they're created equal. The company's CBD sourcing & extraction practices, flavoring, and nutritional additives play a large role in the quality of their carrier oil, and the overall efficacy of their product.

Which carrier oils does Neurogan offer?

All Neurogan CBD oils are made with MCT oil. We choose to use MCT oil as our CBD carrier oil for its ability to absorb easily into the body, and for the taste (which our customers love!). 

If you're looking to start your own CBD private label with Neurogan, you'll have your choice of customizing your product with either hemp seed oil or MCT oil. This is just one of the many customizations that is possible with any one of our 40+ products when you private label your CBD with us. To start your own CBD brand with Neurogan, contact us

In conclusion

It's difficult to determine a "best" CBD carrier oil due to CBD's wide range of uses. Some carrier oils might be better suited for topical CBD products, while others work best when ingested. In the end, it comes down to your own researched, personal preference.

If you know that your body has responded well to hemp seed oil, olive oil, MCT oil, or any other popular nutritional oil in past, it's useful to seek a CBD product that uses it as their carrier oil. You are the foremost expert on what works best for your body. 


Please reach out to us with all of your questions and we'll be happy to help.

Glory Finnegan
Glory Finnegan

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