5 Things To Think About When Buying CBD

Date 5th Feb 2019

5 Things To Think About When Buying CBD

CBD is growing in popularity day by day, with recent reports estimating that the CBD market will hit $22 Billion by 2020 (and that's just in America).

There has never been a more important time to slow down, and ensure that you're investing your time, money, and health into products that work.

Always Ask These 5 Important CBD Questions

1. Is it third-party lab tested?

CBD is only as good as it's latest lab report because not all CBD is manufactured equally. When a product is third-party lab tested, it verifies the content inside the bottle or package that you're purchasing. Without a third-party lab test, there is no way to be sure of what you are buying.

Third-party lab reports are integral to purchasing from a reputable brand, as it is all too easy to make health claims on a label without having the proof that a product is verifiably premium CBD.
2. Where was the hemp grown?

The source of your CBD actually matters, and the reason why it's so important is because the hemp plant functions as a "hyperaccumulator". This means that it absorbs everything that is present in the ground that it is cultivated from.

When a hemp plant is grown in rich soil, the resulting plant is of high-quality. However, when hemp is cultivated from land that contains heavy metals such as mercury or lead, the products made from this hemp will reflect this toxicity - making it unsafe for humans to consume.

3. Can you easily contact customer care?

When using CBD, you'll naturally have general questions about the product, or need assistance. For these reasons, it is imperative to have a company that offers flexible customer service, most preferably 24/7, so that help is always just a phone call, private message, or e-mail away.

4. Is it a full-spectrum CBD product?

It was long believed that a hemp product with CBD isolate was more potent than a product that was full-spectrum (containing whole-plant nutrients). Fortunately, this thought was debunked in 2015 in a study from the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem. During the study, researchers gave isolate CBD and full-spectrum CBD to two different groups of mice.

When the data between the two groups was compared, it was found that the group that was administered full-spectrum CBD was provided with more continuous relief. The study also demonstrated that full-spectrum CBD continued to provide relief as the dose increased, while isolated CBD did not produce a similar effect.

5. How was the CBD manufactured?

Lastly, ensure that you know the ins & outs of how your CBD product was created. With the CBD industry being relatively young, there are no regulations in place that control current manufacturing processes.

While there are many reputable companies who use state of the art extraction methods, the CBD oils you'll find at ridiculously low prices have likely cut corners by using cheap extraction methods to process CBD with toxic solvents like propane, hexane, pentane, or butane (all hydrocarbon gases).

The best extraction method on the market today is CO2 extraction, which uses CO2, short for Carbon Dioxide, compressed to a critical point (90 degrees Fahrenheit). If you recognize this chemical abbreviation, it's because we actually breathe CO2 out of our very own lungs.


Does Neurogan Meet These standards?

  All Neurogan products are third-party lab tested

✓  Neurogan hemp is grown on family farm

✓  Neurogan Customer Care is available 24/7

✓  All Neurogan products contain full-spectrum CBD

✓  Neurogan CBD is CO2 extracted and handcrafted by our team


        Any Q’s?

Please reach out to us with all of your CBD related questions and we'll be happy to help.

Glory Finnegan
Glory Finnegan

Glory Rae Finnegan is a freelance content writer with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology. Glory is passionate about human psychology, destigmatizing mental health, animal advocacy, and plant-based living.